Wednesday, May 21, 2014

40 Day Challenge - Draw Closer to God & Your Hubby (Day 24: Kindness)

We've spent the last few days discussing all the qualities Paul tells us belong to a godly wife: submission, love, self-control, purity, and working at home. There's one overarching theme in "mastering" each quality and that is selflessness. There's nothing about being a godly wife that allows selfishness. We are to give our life to Christ and He's calling us to live a life of servitude for His Namesake. 

Day 24
Today's quality is no different. Kindness requires self-denial as well, because kindness ensures the well-being of others. To be kind means you are...

  • compassionate
  • affectionate
  • thoughtful
  • sympathetic
  • gentle
  • considerate
  • generous
  • tender
  • devoted
  • self-sacrificing
There's not one person on the planet that deserves kindness. Not one. We're all rotten sinners that deserve the exact opposite of the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ (don't believe me? Read chapter 3 in Romans). Due to this fact you live your life as Jesus lived it, because He gave you what you don't deserve. I said this before and I'll say it again. I do not care if your husband deserves to be treated with kindness or not. There's nothing in the Bible that states, do this only if he deserves it. I'm pretty sure God is calling us to love our enemies! If that's the case, which it is, get over yourself and allow compassion, affection, thoughtfulness, sympathy, gentleness, consideration, generosity, tenderness, and devotion to fill your heart. If your heart is full of Christ, there is no room for selfishness or bitterness. 

Here's a thought provoking side note, how would he treat you if he went by what you deserve? Just sayin'... 

Now that we know all these qualities of a godly woman it's daunting isn't it? I FAILED in being kind to my husband just two nights ago when I went to bed angry at him for a misunderstanding. I was not being considerate, I was being selfish. So I found myself having to apologize to him again, and I know it won't be the last. So here's the thing we're going to work on today. Kindness, yes. More importantly, reliance on the Holy Spirit to help you. These are HIS qualities, so when kindness seems out of reach, ask Him for help. 

ALSO when you royally screw up (because you will) ask your husband to forgive you. AND THEN MOVE ON. If Christ forgot your sins (past, present, and future - because He already knew what you were going to do) why on earth should you remember them? If you walk around moping in your sin, with your head held low, you are spitting on the work Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross. He died for your sins - PRAISE HIM for it!

* I say you because I'm talking to you (duh) but also to myself. It sounded funny saying we, us, and our or using me, my, and I. Besides, "you" sounds more pointed, but I also wanted to make sure you knew, as my reader, that this also (very much so) applies to me as well. Ugh, pronoun agreement always got me in every paper I wrote....

Now that we're clear that this applies to me as much as it does to you (or more so) let's face the day together, united in Christ, ready and willing to serve our husbands with a joyful heart. I'd LOVE to hear how this challenge affects you (if at all) and if you just joined us, please start with day 1, it'll all come together so nicely if you do it in order, one day at a time...

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