Thursday, October 3, 2013

"A Gospel Primer" by Milton Vincent [Book Review]

This book is only 97 pages long, but it is thick. It took me months to read because each section forced me to stop and think, reflect, pray, and deal with conviction of the Holy Spirit. This book is not merely a "book" ... it is a resource, a "read-again" (and again and again and again), a book for your "tool" box. You don't read why Vincent wrote this book until the last six pages, but his reasoning and his story of being a Christian would fit most Christians today! "I was a believer in Christ. In fact, a number of times throughout my life I had prayed to God, putting my trust in Christ and asking Him to save me. ... My problem was that I couldn't seem to figure out how to stay in the good favor of the God who had saved me." (p. 91)

Don't we all struggle with that? We see Christianity as a process of "what can I DO to keep GOD happy?" Vincent goes into SCRIPTURAL DETAIL on why it is nothing we do, but what GOD did/does instead.

The gospel message is FREEING. Vincent describes the utter joy he felt when he began to "preach" the gospel message to himself daily and in 31 sections described how it changed his perspective on life. By making the gospel his obsession he was able to love deeper, rest in the power of God, trust in God whole heartily, be free from sin, embrace righteousness, let go of pride, study God's Word and become obedient to it, joyfully face trials, pray openly, worship with a full heart, enthusiastically work hard for the sake of the gospel,  rest in the promise of heaven,  give up earthly desires and fix  his eyes fully on God's kingdom,  thank God for all His blessings and glorify Him in all that he says and does. There is absolutely nothing in that list that does not appeal to me and my walk with Jesus. Vincent has inspired me to take Scripture and make it my obsession, because it is living, breathing, and life changing. (2 Timothy 3:16)

As I was reading and reflecting on this book I wrote about it many times because each section forced me to reflect on my life as a Christian. God used this book to help me grow in my relationship with Him and I highly suggest reading it because if you too are a believer, you too will be forever changed.

I truly don't think I could pick a favorite part to share, so I'll simply share my RnR's with you:

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