Friday, October 18, 2013

My Little Bean [13 Months!]

I am in awe of what she's picked up this last month! (Bear with me because everything she does is so irresistibly adorable to me that I think everyone on God's planet earth wants to hear about it.) I don't apologize for that. She is definitely loved.

This month she's picked up how to sign please and thank you. Haha, she says please for everything now because I think she's figured out it'll get her what she wants. Great.

This girl is an eater, she always has been, but she seriously wants to eat all the time (constantly signing for "more"). I'm not sure she has a favorite anything because one day she won't eat strawberries (for example) and the next day that's all she wants to eat.
Pancake and Egg. She was saying, "mmmmmmm..."
Her favorite place to be is outside. She's figured out that a jacket and shoes means that's where we're going and she gets so so excited. If she's a grumpy mess - outside we go! She's a different child in the great outdoors.

She LOVES  books. We read a book after breakfast and lunch and I'll usually find her sitting in the turtle (a pool flotation device) talking and giggling and turning the pages. She amazes me really because she holds them with reverence and gets so irritated if she can't turn the pages (who knew that'd be a difficult task at times).

She is really good at expressing frustration. It reflects how I react in moments of frustration: clinched fists, a growl, pouting, &etc. I don't know that I've ever been frustrated enough to do that in front of her (I probably have) but she's obviously watching me or she is very much my daughter, in which case I've got my work cut out for me. I've realized that I must become more intentional in the words that I say and the things that I do, because my daughter is going to repeat them. Oy.

She kisses her reflection in the full length mirror. I have yet to get this on film, every time I pull out my camera she stops. Dang it.

She scraped up her forehead and nose when she tried to run down our cement driveway. Poor girl. She's pretty good at this whole walking thing, but is still pretty wobbly.

If she loves something, it gets an aw-aw-aw: her blankie's, toys, food, mommy's legs (I'll be doing dishes and get a little Bean at my feet, squeezing my legs and repeating "aw-aw-aw" over and over again as she pats me, reducing my heart to a puddle on the floor.), poor Marley gets chased all day in a desperate attempt to give him loves...
So we put him in the crib with Bean and she took advantage, notice how he's loving all the attention? Hehe.
This is my "my-heart-is-reduced-to-a-puddle-on-the-floor" look.

She has an obsession with stuffed animals and their noses. She'll give the little toy aw-aw-aw's and then pick at the nose. Her Minnie Mouse has chunks missing from her little nose because I'm also pretty sure she chews on her! LOL.
Daddy gets aw-aw-aw's the moment he walks through the door. It's another heart on the floor moment, I'm going to have nothing left if she keeps doing this to me! ;) Quigley would get more aw-aw-aw's if he wasn't trying to lick her as she's simultaneously trying to give him loves. Those two crack me up.

Recently cousin Alexi has decided that she "loves Brielle so much that she's a sister" (she told her mommy she loves Brielle too much to be a cousin). (Did you say "AW!" out loud while reading that?)
These two are pretty cute. I have a feeling they're going to be BFF's.
Every where we go she makes a bee-line for wheeled toys AND makes a "brrrrrmmmmm" noise as she pushes it across the floor. I've never understood why until I watched her daddy playing with her, pushing around trucks making corresponding noises. This girl is a daddy's girl. I should've known! (By the way, I LOVE that.)
In my thankful journal this week I wrote about how amazing it is to listen to these two play as I was making dinner the other night. He is such an incredible father and I thank God for blessing me with them both, every day.

She LOVES dressing up. We put "pretties" in her hair (which she whispers "pre-pre-pre") and I gave her a bucket with necklaces and bracelets. It's hilarious to watch her put them on, for the longest time she didn't understand how to get the necklace over her head, so she stuck it under her chin and kept her chin down trying so hard to keep it on, now she's got it down. She holds her hand up in the air when she wears a bracelet and gets so frustrated when it falls off. She has this adorable little Minnie Mouse back pack that she insists on wearing all day, so cute. Also, her outfit is not complete without a "pre-pre-pre" in her hair. I'll get her all dressed up and say, "Oh, Brielle you look so pretty!" and she'll start patting her hair and -whispering- "pre-pre-pre" (seriously, she'll only say "pre-pre-pre" in a whisper).

It's so weird to think that I have this little girl who walks and talks (in her own little language) and is learning and changing and growing right before my eyes. I feel so incredibly blessed to be her mommy.

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