Monday, October 7, 2013

Riverside Zoo Adventure

One of my friends from church called me up and asked if I'd go along with her to the little Riverside Zoo. I'm so glad it worked out, it was a perfect day. The girls had so much fun!
We laughed because each girl has a nickname that started with some cute thing she did and stuck. From left to right: Bug, Bear, and Bean. (The 3 B's!)
Riverside Zoo is a small zoo in Scottsbluff, NE that I'd recommend to any parents with small children. Generally, I was satisfied with the upkeep and what the zoo had to offer. It's perfect for little kids because you can walk the entire zoo in a couple hours, play at the playground, pet a very friendly kitty that I'm assuming belongs to the zoo (he likes to follow you around), see peacocks up and close and admire monkey's, lions, tigers, birds of all kinds, and many other little creatures.

It started with going over a little bridge and feeding the geese and fish. I think this was Bug's favorite activity, Bean on the other hand, wasn't too sure what to think. This was her, WHAT IS THAT? face, which she displayed often during the day.
Once she figured out that all is good, she seemed to enjoy it along with Bug.

We took up the entire walkway with our little group, but thankfully we had the entire zoo to ourselves. It was really nice!

The braying donkey's were Bean's favorite. She thought they were hilarious!

Bug loved checking everything out, we determined her wingspan...
And she studied all the creatures up close...

The "jungle room" had this cute background, with a bench to sit and watch, so we saw it as a perfect picture opportunity. However, the picture opportunity turned into an entertaining moment with Bug desperately trying to keep the girls on the bench and smile for the camera all at once. She's such a patient big sister!

She was using all of her extremities - arms, legs, feet!
After we grabbed one or two successful pictures, we decided to let that "perfect" picture go before it all fell apart and let the girls explore.


All in all it was a fun day. The girls were wiped out afterwards and we enjoyed a quiet ride home, giving Brandi and I a chance to chat without interruption. I learn a lot by hanging out with other mommy's and Brandi is one that I can't wait to get to know better! Here's to many more adventures with our little B's!

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