Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday's Top Ten: Postpartum-What to Expect [Without Sugar Coating It]

If you're a first time mom needing to know if what you're going through is the norm, READ THIS AND RELATE! I wish someone would've told me (realistically) what was normal and what wasn't after having a baby (I had a c-section so some of my postpartum experiences will be different from those mommy's who had a vaginal delivery), I think I would've avoided some of the issues I had, so here it is: the truth about your postpartum experiences (and I won't sugar coat it)...

1. If they tell you your nipples will not be sore from breastfeeding, they're lying. Learning how to latch correctly hurts like crazy. Once you get it down, it's nothing, but you might bleed, your nipples might crack, and your boobs will grow astronomically in a very short time period. Lanolin will be your best friend.

2. It's been a year since my surgery but my scar will still hurt occasionally. In fact, I've talked to mom's who's "baby" is 4 years old and their scar still hurts occasionally. Remember, you had major surgery and the healing process takes forever, be kind to yourself.

3. You're first #2 bathroom experience will NOT be a fun one. It will be abnormally large and difficult to push out. It seriously took me 30 minutes or more, and it took over 24 hours to flush. Afterwards I was sweating profusely and joked that this better be the biggest crap I've ever taken in my life. When I saw the result, I burst out laughing and felt 100 pounds lighter. We joked I could've entered it in Ripley's Believe It Or Not. My poor husband.

4. It took me at least 6 months (maybe more) to finally put away my maternity clothes.

5. My belly button is forever changed (it's kinda weird and all stretched out, and I've only had one child!).

6. When you stop breastfeeding you will continue to produce milk for a long time afterwards. You get so full (and you shouldn't pump because your body will tell you to keep producing) that you have to "milk" yourself in order to stay sane. It's so uncomfortable and any contact what-so-ever hurts like the dickens.

7. Sex for the first few timeS after giving birth does hurt (even after a c-section).

8. Your first period after breastfeeding will be abnormally heavy and bright red. Don't freak out like I did (I was having flashbacks to the day I hemorrhaged).

9. You will be hungry all the time while breastfeeding (just like when you were pregnant). I realized that I was consuming at least 3000 calories during the day, AND I WAS LOSING WEIGHT. Breastfeeding takes a lot out of you, eat up!

10. After you've had your baby the nurses will push on your stomach, and it does hurt, a lot.

Thankfully, all of the things listed are well worth it considering the result: a beautiful baby! We were meant to do this and I consider it awesome to be part of such an amazing miracle. God promised it was going to hurt and He wasn't kidding (proof He is a God of His Word!). Pain is all part of the process, but the intense pain you WILL experience during delivery and even before and after, are forgotten once you hold your precious child in your arms. (Okay, sorta forgotten. Forgotten enough that you'll do it again, and again, and again.)


  1. For moms with a vaginal birth..you will not be able to sit on your bottom for awhile. You will probably get hemmorhoids from pushing so hard. You will have a 5-week "period", and will have to use a squirt bottle of water to "wipe" for the first week. :)

  2. Oh, and you have to deliver (ie: push out) the placenta like another baby.

    1. GREAT add on's! Thanks for not sugar coating it. Reading yours made me think of more, lol, like you will need help getting out of bed, vehicles, chairs, etc. rolling over is difficult and requires the nurses to show you how! Sneezing, laughing or coughing requires a pillow and causes dread on many levels. Granny panties are a must because you seriously don't want anything directly on your scar which is miraculously located where most bikini style, hipster undies land....Anything else come to mind for you?