Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shout Out to Bountiful Baskets!

I received my first Bountiful Basket this week. I could hardly wait to sort through it. I was like a kid at Christmas time.
All the produce was good quality, especially the tomato's (Brielle and I have been snacking). Here's what I LOVE about this organization:

... it only costs $3 to create an account, which is a one time fee.
... there are locations in cities all across the United States.
... it is a non-profit organization that exists to benefit a group of people who want "rock-bottom" prices for produce.
... they only ask that you volunteer your time occasionally to make this organization continue to work (I say that's worth it considering how much produce I received for the price I received it).
... each basket full of produce costs $15! To show you how absolutely amazing that is I dug out an old receipt from last week showing what we paid at the local grocery store for a week's worth of produce:
For one week we spent $20.40 on produce. Just by participating in Bountiful Baskets we have saved $5. Not only that, but the amount of produce received will last our family 2 weeks! So right there we're saving even more $$.
... also they have a blog that posts recipe's galore for the produce you receive. Awesome.
... if it isn't available in your city or a surrounding area, they tell you how you can make it happen:
... they're also on Facebook.

Check out their website and see all that this organization has to offer: I promise it is well worth your time.
THANK YOU Sally & Tanya for this amazing idea and making it possible for families across the U.S. to eat healthy, on a budget!

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