Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Shout Out to My Dad

With this last weekend being Father's Day I want to give a SHOUT OUT to my dad. He's a pretty incredible individual and let me tell you a few reasons why...
  1. He loves the Lord and will tell us about the saving grace of Christ daily, and you too if you met him!
  2. Not a day has passed in all my years of life that my dad hasn't told me he loves me. The moment I'd walk out the door growing up I'd hear my dad yell across the room, "I love you Becky!" He'd whisper it in my ear or give long hugs that let me know how much he loved me. He'd always tell his kids that he understood the love God must have for His children because of the love he has for us, and that love, he'd say, is immeasurable.
  3. My dad taught us the value of hard work. He modeled it in his own life and expected it from us.
  4. He also taught us the value of the simple things in life, like a meal around the table (with lots of laughter, of course) and time around a campfire gorging ourselves in smores.
  5. He is smart! He was a pastor, the chief firefighter in Arkansas, a first responder, a computer/technology guru (he owns his own business repairing computers and installing wireless internet service), and I think I'd run out of room if I listed everything he has done or can do. (Seriously.)
  6. I've watched him endure some of the hardest things a person can go through and he came out of each event a better man concreted in his faith and hope in Jesus Christ.
  7. Whenever there was a tragedy my dad was the first one I went to because he knew just what to say and how to inspire those around him. The funerals he lead were some of the most God glorifying, hopeful events I've ever attended. I was so proud to know him when I saw him handle the death of my friend Brian Pancau with gentleness, respect, and compassion, not only to Brian's family, but to his friends as well. He briefly spoke at the Middle Park 2002 graduation encouraging Brian's fellow graduates to celebrate their accomplishments, and that there is hope in the salvation of Jesus Christ. (Brian passed away in a car accident on his way to his graduation practice the day before he graduated from Middle Park High School in 2002.) When I found out the news that Brian had passed, my dad was the first person I called.
  8. He loves his grandchildren. Lots. He is their Poppy. The way I see him with them, makes me love him that much more. "Beware" if you see him at a restaurant with his grandbabies, he will walk right up to your table just to show them off. I love it.
  9. He is generous. Even if he had nothing, he'd do whatever he could to give us everything we needed and then some.
  10. He is encouraging. I don't remember being ridiculed for my grades or my performance in sports (for example). He would always say something like, "Why don't you try this next time?" or "Have you thought of doing this?" or "I'm so proud of you!" or "Don't give up! Keep working hard!" and especially, "No matter what, I will always love you."
And that love he shows day in and day out, well, I can't think of a better place to end.

His growing family. This was when we added Hunter. (Haha, I say "we" but Mel did all the work.)

Dad, Kyle, Matt (the men in my life)

Kyle & Me, Matt & Sam (Matthew & Alexi), Justin and Mel (Gary & Hunter)

Celebrating Dad's 50th at a Rockies Game!

Poppy with Briella Bean

When he gave me away, he had the sweetest speech, it made me bawl like a baby.

Poppy with his Alexi, probably telling her how pretty she is!

Hiking up Adams Falls in 2012. Poppy, me (prego with Brielle), Justin (with Hunter), Mel, Kyle (Gary is hidden behind him), Mandy & David

I could not find a recent picture with him and all four of his kids (spouses and grandchildren included). We are getting together this summer, so that will have to change! (Especially with all the new additions!)

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