Friday, June 14, 2013

A Week of Projects: Day 3 & 4

These last two days have been a blur. This is the first time I've had a chance to sit down and blog, so I'm combining Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday Kyle finished gutting the bathroom. (WooHoo!)

And he installed a new microwave in the kitchen. He was thoroughly disgusted with the instructions, saying that they were horrible, BUT, he got it up and it works like a charm. It only took us 4 minutes to warm up roast, potatoes and carrots! With our old, old, antique microwave it would've taken 2 minutes (rotate) 2 minutes (rotate) 2 minutes (rotate)...  Plus we would've had HOT spots and cold, cold, icy spots. This new microwave is all fancy shmancy!
Old microwave before I painted it and the cabinets.
Old microwave after a touch of paint...
NEW microwave (with lots of buttons)!
I was working on painting the trim around doors and windows. I'm liking the turnout! I just wish it was a faster job. It's going to take three coats (at least).

I can't wait to show you all the before and after pictures of the house once this is done. I think it's going to look really nice (which means I need to hurry up and hit "publish" so I can get to work on it while Bean is still sleeping!). If she's not sleeping I rotate her between a sand box, her jumper thingy, and a tub of water (always last, can you imagine going from the tub of water to the sandbox? lol). By the end of the day she is a dirty dirty mess.

Most of the time these "stations" entertain her, however, there are times the only thing she wants is my attention. I'm okay with that, I knew that having children makes completing a "to do" list twice as long. It's impossible to work at the rate I worked before I had her. BUT, look at her smile and tell me it isn't worth it? :)

Kyle was disappointed with how Wednesday turned out. He was hoping to have sheetrock in place (or at least some of it) but realized that we needed to make a supply run. Since we live in the boondocks, a supply run could take all day. So he worked on one of the plethora of projects that need completed (like the microwave) and made our supply run Thursday morning.

Sure enough the supply run did take all day. So I felt like it was a wasted day, but Kyle told me later that he needed a sanity break, even if it meant a trip to the Menards in Cheyenne and lunch at Sonic. When we got home he worked on a few projects here and there. Like finishing the front flower bed...
You can't really tell in the before and after pictures how much better it looks! So crisp, so weedless, so clean! We were over run with sticker plants and weeds galore. It was a needed project that took a lot of time and effort.
I painted some more and Kyle made it easier to get to stuff in his garage that is over flowing with garage sale items and remodeling supplies so he doesn't lose his mind as he works (quite frankly I don't blame him, I mean, imagine making dinner with an unorganized, messy kitchen?!).

Progress is slow and time flies by (it's already FRIDAY! Nooooooo!), but if you're remodeling that's one of the rules: (#4) It always takes longer than you originally thought it would. (sigh.) Fact of life.

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  1. You guys are on a roll! Can't wait to see the finished products!