Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Makeshift Baby Pool = Happy Baby!

Brielle loves it outside, so much so that when we go indoors she cries. I tested this theory to see if my assumption were true and she'd immediately start crying when we walked through the door and stop when I opened the door to go outside (more than once). It's a tad warm outside today and we have zero trees in our yard so shade is sparse (in other words we were toasty). Since Brielle loves it so much outdoors, I decided that (since we don't have a kiddy pool) I'd make one out of a small tub I emptied after I cleaned out our storage room. I lathered her up in (more) sunscreen, fashioned a sunhat on her pretty little head, undressed her (a baby without a swimming suit in the backyard is no biggie, right?) and plopped her in the water. She gasped a couple of times and then forgot how cool the water felt when she eyed her rubby duckies.

Splashing was definitely her favorite!

I'd say it was a hit!

All smiles!

P.S. Look at that belly! Hehe.

Oh and I specifically did this before nap time - she didn't fuss at all when I put her down and was out in minutes. She was plum wore out!

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