Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Week of Projects: Day 5

Day 5 was not a good day. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

First, Kyle came down with something. He does not feel well and so I talked him into resting today (it didn't take much convincing).

Secondly, Kyle's projects did not go as he hoped. His frustration level was at an all time high. I felt so bad for him and there was absolutely no way I could help. I did get a picture of the vent he installed... otherwise I tried to stay out of his way and avoided pictures and any talk of "how are things going?"

Thirdly, the one way I could help him (food) flopped. I tried pizza in a crockpot (Pinterest) and it... was... terrible!

The day was so bad that Kyle reminded me, "If I ever get the urge to remodel again, remind me of this day!"

Okey dokey.

On the other hand, I did get a lot accomplished in painting the trim. The only part I could not accomplish was the parts I couldn't reach (Kyle was using the ladder).
Porch progress...

Finished back porch!
Progress... the end of the day...
Why it needed to be done, yesterday!

Right now our week of projects were semi successful. I'll finish the trim next week. Kyle gutted the bathroom, installed a new microwave, completed the electrical work for the vent in the bathroom and other misc. outlets, completed the necessary framing in the bathroom, dug out sticker plants and created a lovely flower garden in the front and back yards. When I list those things it doesn't sound like much, but each project was a lot of work and took a lot of time. This week flew by without being able to check "bathroom complete" off our looooooong TO DO list, which looks like this:
  • Office shelves above desk
  • Office trim
  • Downstairs bathroom trim
  • Downstairs bathroom shelves
  • Install door in downstairs bathroom
  • Rip out "closet" in downstairs hallway
  • Lay carpet on the stairs & hall way to bathroom (basement)
  • Install new ceiling fan in Living Room
  • Install new ceiling fan in our bedroom
  • Vent covers in our bedroom
  • Upstairs Bathroom (plaster, mud, paint, new floor, install vanity, mirrors/cabinet, toilet, &etc.)
I'm going to stop there... yes, the list is longer... (sigh)...

Today Kyle is down for the count. I wish he could take another week off for a much needed VACATION vacation. We can't afford to go anywhere, but he seriously needs something, even if it's disappearing in the woods with our tent and a cooler full of beer. Pray for him that he gets better and keeps his sanity, especially when he goes back to work on Monday.

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