Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brielle is 9 months old!

We call her our little inch worm. She has decided that she doesn't really care about crawling, she enjoys sitting and playing, but if she eyes something she wants (and I mean, right now) she will inch her way over to it rather quickly. At first her inch worming looked absolutely hilarious with her arms back, chest down, butt up, feet planted and inching forwards, but now she uses her arms "army crawl" style.

She is an innovative little booger. She is learning to use her thumb and pointer finger to pick up little pieces of cheerio I put on her tray, but it wasn't working out in her favor so she decided to use her mouth instead. OH MY GOODNESS! Kyle and I belly laughed as we watched her pick up cheerio's with her tongue! I was too late in grabbing my camera, but I giggle just thinking about it.
Trying so hard to pick up the little pieces of cheerio's!
She becomes obsessed with the oddest items (it used to be an egg separator) but we've moved on to a comb. With a deep burrowed frown on (like the above picture), she holds items in her hands and studies them.

She's grown into aaaaaaa (drum roll) size ONE shoe! Do you know how hard it is to find a size 1? I went online and I literally looked everywhere: Target, Wal-Mart, The Children's Place, Babies-R-Us, &etc. etc. I finally found a pair and when it came in the mail I oooooo'd and awwwwwww'd over the little sandles for a long time. They are so stinkin' adorable, especially on her tiny little chubby feet. She likes them because that sparkly flower on the top looks yummy.

When she laughs she nearly tips over backwards!

She's pulling herself up.

She bounces along to music.

She has always been a daddy's girl, and when he comes home from work it's more than evident she's excited to see him with her giggling, bouncing, and what we've referred to as grunting. If he doesn't pick her up, it breaks her heart and she will let him know. I keep saying I need to get it on video.
Look at her look at him. :)
Any time Poppy comes to visit she has a good time, especially because he likes to show her off.

She loves her Marley and Quigley (Quigley just licks her to death. Gah! How do you break a dog of that?!) and Marley is always wanting to share his toy with her, Just throw it Brielle, just throw it! She's just interested in eating it. Marley also has this weird obsession with her yellow rubber duckies. She has a plethora, so we finally gave him one so he'd leave her alone when she had one in her hands. LOL.

My mom found a hiking carrier for $20 at a garage sale (what a steal)! We put it to use when we walked around Kyle's family farm. She fell asleep. It doesn't look comfy, but she... was... out.

When we take her to her bath we're always commenting on our "NAKED BABY!" and all her side and back rolls.

She found the dog dish and this was the result...

When we went to Sears we checked out the 3-D TV's and it was hilarious to watch her study them. She'd lift her hand and reach out for what seemed to be coming out of the screen or dodge what she thought was coming at her. Plus, those glasses alone just cracked me up.

This picture cracks me up too. Oh, hahahaha, the hat.
So much for spreading out the blanket for her to sit on, haha. Notice the comb to her right? ;)
When she sits in the stroller, she leans forward as far as she can to look around as she talks and squeals. It's so cute. She loves it outside.

Kyle and I don't remember life without her, she's changed it so much in the last 9 months, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. We love her so very, very much.


  1. She is such a chunk! Love the cute sparkly shoes.

    1. What I can't get over is how little she is compared to babies that were born around the same time as her. (I think Brynlee might be bigger than her, well Brynlee was BORN bigger than she was as a one month old, seriously don't know how you did it.) Haha, but in all that littleness, she's SUCH a chunk, a compact chunk, with tiny chunky feet.