Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Writes: Prayer Request for Persecuted Christians [& their amazing stories]

There are three stories I'm going to briefly share with you and each story impacted me for one reason: these people are threatened on a daily basis for their belief in Jesus and yet they have unwavering faith. Despite torture, sexual abuse, threats, jail time, etc. etc. they continue to share the gospel! I am inspired by their stories because I am blessed to live in America where men and women die for my religious freedoms that I take for granted daily. The only reason I'm "afraid" to spread the gospel is because I fear that I might offend someone. Well, phooey, that's so, so, soooooo pathetic compared to these individuals. They inspire me to glorify God in all that I do and say no matter what I'm doing, who I'm with, or where I am because Jesus is the only reason I have hope and I want others, on the day Christ returns, to glorify Him with me, instead of trembling in fear.

On that note, pray for these people with me because these people believe in the power of prayer, "From the bottom of my heart, I felt extreme joy because I knew there were some Christians who were praying for me even though they didn't know me." Eva Abdalla, who is a prisoner in Tanzania because of her faith. And that's why I decided to do a weekly prayer request, for people like Eva who depend on her church family to pray for her as she sits in prison because she's a Christian.

Pray for Generosa, who is a widow with twelve children. She recently lost her husband, Mathayo (a preacher in Tanzania), because a group of Islamic extremists struck him over and over again with machetes. Her faith, despite this tradgedy, amazes me! She quite simply states that she believes God desired her husband to die this way because Christians have grown more unified since her husband's death and that "... the Lord can bring harvest into his kingdom." She also has faith that God will provide for her and her twelve children. Wow. What faith.

Pray for Jabari in Egypt who supports and disciples a secret network of Christians who turned from Islam. He was sexually abused and tortured because he would not tell police locations or names of individuals who help with this network. Instead of fear of another interrogation (because he's already experienced six) he joyfully continues his work for the sake of the gospel! He knows that his work could take his life, yet he is committed to helping the Christian converts grow in the Lord.

Pray for Kate in the Philippines who is the only surviving member of her immediate family. Her family was brutally murdered on their way home from a Bible study, she is 16 years old. She lost her father, mother, her sister Kathy (14 years old) and Karen (8 years old). They were ambushed as they walked home by a group of armed Muslim men. They were riddled with about 150 rounds of bullets. Thankfully, Kate was not with them that night, but is left behind to deal with the shock and trauma of this horrific attack.

I can in no way shape or form relate to these individuals. I don't exactly know how to pray for them, so my prayer is quite simply, "Lord, I don't know exactly what these people need, but you do. So I lift their names to you, Generosa, Jabari and Kate." I hope that helps you too, that every time these horrific stories come to mind you say a little prayer for them.

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